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The organizationhas focused on Marathwada region of Maharashtra state (India) as thearea is most underdeveloped with respect to natural resources, livelihoodopportunities and human rights. Therefore, Paryay's emphasis has been on thesocial, economic, cultural and educational development of men, women andchildren belonging to landless Dalits,tribal and other minority community. Paryay, bears excellent experience andtrack record of working since 1994.

Our Focus Area

Through SHGs &sustainable income generation activities / Women in Governance women empowerment,women in land right 

as Assured livelihood / waste &grazing land issues / Technologies & Land Development

Health Personality / Leadershipdevelopment sports, library & kishori vikas

documentation & trainings forsocial work professional

people’s organization / Mass mobilization policyadvocacy & addressing the issues

Work Towards Drought Relief Support

Our Supporters 

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Village Reached


Families Reached 


People Directly Benefited


Women Benefited 


Children Benefited 

Story of The Week

The concept of Bal Panchayat is set within child participation. The project, which began with five villages, has now been extended to 55 villages, providing space for over 5000 girls and boys within the age group of 8 to15 years to participate.


To keep the vision alive ........

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