Covered loading area

Impress Make Self-Storage Easy

Each of our Self Storage facilities offers easy access to your self-storage unit or spaces. We offer driveway access, and ground floor storage units that are accessed via nice wide hallways from either the driveway itself or loading docks. Our mezzanine floor self-storage units are accessed via large goods lifts so there is no carrying anything upstairs. All our hallways are nice and wide with plenty of light allowing you room to move your goods in and out without the risk of knocking your furniture around.


You never need to carry anything, we have all sorts of free trolleys to help you safely move all types of your personal goods to your storage space in chennai. Each of our self-storage facilities has plenty of large quality Flat Bed Trolleys, Fridge Trolleys, Mattress Trolleys, Piano Trolleys, Tub Trolleys, and Pallet Jacks. We also have ladders available for those that want to get serious with their stacking.

Covered Loading Docks

The majority of our self-storage units are accessed via undercover loading docks so you are always protected from the elements either rain or the harsh sun. Many of our driveway units also have awnings coming out over the top that also provides added shelter.

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