Vehicle Storage

At times, our cars may require a shift in location – whether that is for safety reasons or personal. But, no matter what the reason, it’s essential that this valuable asset is stored in a safe and hygienic space. A car storage facility, such as the one offered by Impress Storage and Movers, is ideal when you are looking for a convenient storage hub.

Impress Storage and Movers’ affordable storage options, you can rest assured that your vehicle is secured and keep your mind at peace.

Here are some scenarios for when and why you should consider investing in a self-storage facility for your car storage requirement.

Shifting Homes

If you’re considering shifting homes, it is possible that you may not get a parking spot immediately. In such a case, you can consider taking a car storage facility. This will allow you to peacefully take care of all the other shifting requirements without having to think of the hassle of your auto. Just drop it off and take it once you have a space to keep it.

Unavailable Parking Spot

If your car needs to stand without being driven for a long time (such as when you go for a vacation), but you don’t have a safe parking spot, it’s time to think of a vehicle storage facility. Rather than let your motor vehicle stay unattended and unsecured, park it safely in a self-storage premise. Not only does it takes away the hassle of theft but also keeps it safe from environmental damage such as harsh sunlight and dust.

Save on Parking Costs

Parking charges can be expensive, especially if you’re living in a high-rise building or in a city. If you’re someone who owns more than one vehicle but doesn’t have a place to keep your extra assets, a car storage facility is just what you need. You can find a nice safe spot for your wagon to stay for a long without any stress.

Traveling Out of Your Location

Situations may require you to suddenly move to another city or country for a considerable period of time. If your auto is in an unattended parking lot, chances are that it may fall prey to theft or damage. Keeping your vehicle in a covered space protects it from external elements and keeps it at a temperature that’s relatively stable. Avoid the risk and also the extra cost that comes along with it by storing it in a self-storage facility

Why Choose Impress Storage’s Vehicle storage

When you choose Self Storage India, you get a range of benefits to ensure your car is safe and your mind is sound. Once you experience our hassle-free process, there is no going back from the comfort and convenience. Here are some of the advantages of trusting us with your vehicle storage:

1. Convenience

Our storage facilities are located in convenient areas around chennai. The enormous warehouses have massive storage spaces for your automobiles and even other items. You can accommodate a variety of items in something as small as a locker or a space as huge as a car.

2. Safety

All our warehouses are well-guarded at all times, including 24×7 CCTV surveillance and guards patrolling at all hours. Maximum security ensures that your goods are safe.

3. Hygiene Measures

We ensure that the premises stay clean and sanitized. Disinfection takes place regularly, and staff and visitors are required to follow hygiene protocols. Additionally, when you are vacating the property, we provide a free car cleanup (external only). Car covers are also provided on request.

4. Pest Control

A pest control facility twice a month ensures that goods in our warehouses are free of rodents and pests.If you are keen to know more about our car storage options, there are several ways you can contact us, including WhatsApp, email, or a phone call. Our executives will be happy to answer any of your queries.

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